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Ever since our company was established in 1965, our mission has been to “create new added value through the provision of glass containers and other packaging containers, and contribute toward the development of our customers and the industry they belong in, as well as to the development of the local community, thereby giving a sense of fulfillment to all of our employees.”
As such, we have been making strides in the packaging and container industry, keeping such keywords as reliability, reason, and harmony as our moral support.
Over the years, we have offered a variety of original glass jars and plastic containers that respond to the changing needs of the times, in accordance the requirements of our customers.
We have been striving to offer designs that match the lifestyles of the times, and develop equipment that uses the latest manufacturing technology,
thus making every effort to provide the best packages and containers to contain the valuable products produced by our customers.
This has all been made possible because of the wonderful support that we have received from our customers and manufacturers that we work with, and as such, I would like to extend our deep appreciation to you all.
In this increasingly diverse and global society that we live in, the requirements in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries are to provide unique packages and containers in an increasingly fast and economically efficient manner. On top of this, we must also guarantee the function and quality of the packages and containers that we provide.
To answer such needs, we will be evolving into a “comprehensive trading company with total packaging solutions as our core.” By this, we will be providing a variety of solutions to our customers,
involving not only the planning and sales of OEM and original packaging containers, but also offering proposals on filling and packaging equipment, procuring raw and processed materials,
assisting in collaborating with commissioned filling and packaging companies, and proposing ways to utilize the functional packaging of our company, in addition to introducing new sales channels.
We will continue to strive in the development of our business so that we will be able to better serve our customers,
and we look forward to your continued support in our endeavors.