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Company Outline

Company profile

Foundation September 3, 1965
Capital JPY 30,000,000-
Representative President, SEIJI IKOMA
Number of employees 64 (Include contract employees)
Our business Planning, development, and sales of various kinds of packaging materials (glass bottles and jars, plastic containers, metal products, paper products etc.) , filled and packaged final products, packaging equipment.
Sales of materials for processed foods and processed foods Manufacturing of contract packed products.
Main Customer Market Food manufactures, Cosmetic and Chemical manufactures, Pharmaceutical companies,
Food wholesalers and trading company etc.
Over 300 companies
Main supplier

Nihon Taisanbin Glass Bottle MFG, Co., Ltd.
Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. , Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.
Toyo Glass Co., Ltd. , Toyo Seikan Co.,Ltd. , Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Nippon Closures Co., Ltd., Kitai Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd., Hirobo Limited, Daiwa Yoki Co.,Ltd. , Mikasa Industry Co.,Ltd.
Over 100 companies

(in random oreder)

Quality Policy

We at Nissho Jitsugyo Co., Ltd. will aim to be a comprehensive functional trading company who can offer “planning proposal” and “problem solution” services through packaging containers and will implement following policies as a group of trusted businessmen.

1.Speedy - first
2.Supply the right products.
3.Establish quality system for Safety and Security.
4.Continuous development of original products and OEM products.
5.Assist customers in developing new products and/
  or expanding sales channels.